ATOM 450

The most powerful portable backup power supply with a 450 Watts Lithium Battery Pack. No hassle, no carbon footprint, no noise,  no yearly  maintenance. Long battery lifespan. Battery protection circuit for over and undercharge


  • Portable (± 6kg)
  • USB Plug capable of 2.5A
  • Battery pack of 450W
  • Continuous output power of 250W
  • Charging capabilities:
    • Wall charger (included)
    • Solar (additional purchase)
    • Car (additional purchase)
  • Brad Harrison plug with 20A capability
  • Wide beam torch
  • XLR connector for connectin additional external battery packs


  • TV Sets
  • Radio
  • Lights
  • Soldering iron
  • electric blankets
  • Fans
  • Small fridges
  • Etc.


  • Do NOT leave the ATOM in the sun, case temperature must not exceed 45°C
  • Do Not connect to house mains
  • All appliances / loads must run directly from the same (singular) ATOM
  • Do NOT parallel / series connect multiple ATOMs (i.e. do not plug multiple ATOMs onto the same multi-plug)
  • NOT waterproof
Please read our terms and conditions page for the ATOM warranty  


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